"The Original Platform of System Philosophy"


1.  System Philosophy presents the basic principles of science, religion and philosophy required for the present 21st century as well as for future.

2. The System Philosophy defines system as the productive structure of opposites. Accordingly, the various things of universe are systems made of the opposites called matter and consciousness.

3. The physical world is actually the physical reduction of matter-consciousness system into matter-energy system. Science is the study of various levels of things as matter-energy systems.

4. A system is here depicted by the X-Y coordinates model of analytic geometry. This is alternatively called system model. For the first time ever, a mathematical model is successfully employed in philosophy for explaining the existence of things.

5. The X-Y system model can represent the existence of human cognitive mind with various faculties. X = Brain and other parts of Nervous System ( BNS) ;   Y= consciousness.

6. Then the integrative system model can explain the fundamental ideas of quantum physics, life, evolution, mind, reality, social systems, religious beliefs and theologies.

7. Through our synthesis, we get the definition: Ultimate Reality (original cause) is the system of opposite forces called Body and Consciousness, which are represented by X-axis and Y-axis respectively; it is called the System Model of Ultimate Reality.

8. The origin of natural world and human race is explained by X-Y system model. Further, there are seven man-made global social systems like economy, politics, family and religion, which are produced by the separate faculties of human mind. Especially, the system model would explain the structure of religion and also the concepts of God and Evil.

DR. George Luke

With a distinguished research career, Dr George Luke is the founder of System Philosophy that is a comprehensive, innovative and unique way of thought. He obtained higher learning in mathematics and statistics and then served Reserve Bank of India and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). He is a scholar in philosophy, science and religion through self-study spanning three decades. His passionate research has resulted in the formulation of System Philosophy and the publication of the following books:

1. Saptalokadarshanam Samgraham (Malayalam)
2. Jeevanum Parinamavum : System Philosophiyude Velicham (Malayalam)
3. Origin of Universe : The Light of System Philosophy
4. Origin of Universe : The Light of System Philosophy (EBOOK)
5. Life and Mind : The Light of System Philosophy
6. Life and Mind : The Light of System Philosophy (EBOOK)
7. Discovery of Reality : The Light of System Philosophy
8. Discovery of Reality : The Light of System Philosophy (EBOOK)
9. Prapancha Shaasthravum Darshanavum (Malayalam)
10. System Philosophy about Universe

Dr George Luke narrates a brief autobiographical note as following